NetSuite Addresses Your Toughest Technology Challenges

NetSuite Addresses Your Toughest Technology Challenges

Goodbye Manual Processes, Hello Automation 

If your business is still using manual accounting and financial management processes, it’s costing you money. Manual processes are also error-prone and require more repetitive work.  

If you rely heavily on spreadsheets to share data across disparate software systems, your executives are probably not making the best business decisions quickly enough. Additionally, your outdated, on-premises software solutions are costly to license, upgrade and maintain over time.  

It's time to ask yourself these important questions.

  • Is our staff spending too much time on manual data entry and data cleanup?  

  • Are we lacking efficient integration across systems and/or third-party applications?  

  • Is our current software unable to automatically download and install new releases and updates?  

  • And, does our technology lack scalability? 

If you answered “yes” to one more of these questions, then it’s time to consider a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like NetSuitewhich will help you eliminate these problems, gain a unified view of all operational data and improve your overall efficiency levels.  

The NetSuite-BDO Digital difference.

A complete suite of software applications, NetSuite brings all of a company’s data together into a single system. 

BDO Digital can also integrate NetSuite directly with existing applications like Salesforce and Shopify, among others. Once in place, NetSuite gives team members access to all of the data they need from a single point of entry, thus saving time, reducing errors and improving decision-making across the entire organization.  

By moving to a single ERP, companies can streamline their processes, automate reporting and free up valuable resources to focus on more strategic assignments.  

Get a reliable, experienced technology team in your corner.

As a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading professional services firms, BDO Digital deploys a holistic, industry-centric approach when helping companies gain competitive advantage in their respective industries.  

BDO Digital offers a broad suite of value-based offerings, strategies and solutions, each of which has an individual practice within global network of accounting and consulting firms that have locations in more than 167 different countries. 

When you work with one of BDO Digital’s ERP specialists, you also get:  

  • Real-time visibility into your operations 

  • Actionable insights, improved planning and faster reporting 

  • Greater productivity and collaboration 

  • Streamlined processes and optimized system performance 

  • Reduced total cost of ownership for enterprise IT 

The NetSuite Alliance Partner successfully deploys and integrates innovative, scalable ERP solutions for companies in the manufacturing and distribution, omni-channel commerce, food and beverage, life sciences, non-profit, private equity, real estate and construction, software and technology and transportation and logistics sectors. 

Enterprise Resource Consulting 

BDO Digital's ERP consultants can support you throughout the ERP life cycle, from strategy and selection to design and implementation. See how we can help you optimize your ERP system to catalyze business innovation.