Responsible AI with Azure Machine Learning

Responsible AI with Azure Machine Learning

Tools and methods to understand, protect and control your models

For AI to have a positive impact on both businesses and society, its development and use must be guided by strong ethical frameworks. Each organization has an obligation to ensure they are creating and using AI in a manner that’s fair, reliable, secure and accountable. Doing so opens the door to transformative opportunities while still protecting customers, employees and organizational values. 

Microsoft has been creating and using AI solutions for many years and has developed an approach to help navigate AI journeys responsibly. This includes establishing guiding principles and developing a system for internal oversight. But while those steps are essential, data scientists and developers need tools to put principles into practice.  

In this eBook, Microsoft shares some of the tools and methods that help their IT teams honor AI principles. 

Responsible AI on Device

The eBook Explores: 

  • Microsoft’s holistic approach to responsible AI 
  • 3 responsible AI pillars 
  • How to gain visibility into your models, explain model behavior and detect and mitigate model bias 
  • Applying differential privacy techniques to protect sensitive data and prevent leaks 
  • Encrypting data and building models in a secure environment to maintain confidentiality 
  • How to use built-in lineage and audit trail capabilities and document model metadata to meet regulatory requirements