What the Salesforce and Tableau Acquisition Means for Your Business

What the Salesforce and Tableau Acquisition Means for Your Business

Will your business be impacted by the recent acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce? If so, how can your business benefit and leverage the major impact of integrating CRM & Data Visualization?

Data visualization and prospect/client data have long been a match made in heaven. Therefore, it is no surprise that Salesforce is going all-in with Tableau. Is your organization ready for the various impacts this could have on your Marketing, Sales and Operations teams?

Salesforce Acquires Data Visualization Provider, Tableau

The recent news of Salesforce acquiring Tableau will give Salesforce the ability to visualize and condense complex data into a platform that is readily understandable for clients and customers. However, data visualization is new territory for Salesforce as they jump further into analytics, beyond what they are used to with CRM/cloud software.

This new acquisition could impact investments your company has already made in Salesforce, Tableau, or both. While we are still weeks and months out from knowing how these changes will impact our own businesses, we can understand how these integrations can benefit us at the user level.

Optimizing Client and Employee Experience

Regardless of your Data Visualization and CRM software, BDO Digital has experts and experience that can help any organization get the most out of these tools. BDO Digital has partnerships with both Salesforce and Tableau, giving us the ability to understand and deliver both tools to our clients. To best utilize these tools, it’s important to ensure there are understanding and integration between your company’s divisions.

For example, when marketing, sales and operations engines have real-time and easy-to-consume data at their fingertips, the impact on your client’s and employee’s experience will be felt almost immediately.

On the contrary, any organization that is not ready to take full advantage of these new tools will surely feel the blow. Not being able to integrate, understand and utilize these new changes could have potentially damaging effects, all the way to a company’s bottom line.

AI Within CRM is Not Enough

The purchase of this data visualization platform by the #1 CRM company proves that real-time visualization of prospect client data is impactful to any organization, causing waves across all industries.

This acquisition also proves to us that Salesforce’s recent integration of AI within CRM is not enough. Along with AI, companies in all industries are looking for ways to integrate data visualization into their CRM and this will soon become standard. Data visualization within CRM is so necessary and versatile because it will allow for companies to make quick, data-demonstrated decisions.

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