Keeping Connected with the Cloud During COVID-19

By BDO Digital | May 11, 2020
As a result of the COVID-19 virus many organizations have mandated a remote work policy, making it hard to imagine a world without modern technology and cloud services. The demand for instant availability of IT resources enabled by the cloud has never been greater. The cloud has and continues to transform connectivity between employees and businesses across the globe. Accessing the cloud is easier than ever, from our computer screens to mobile devices to even our watches, the cloud is everywhere. So, what if the cloud never existed, what would change? 

Without the cloud, organizations could not do common everyday tasks, a list that has grown exponentially due to COVID-19. Time-sharing and co-editing documents securely with co-workers would be more difficult, regardless if they are next door or across the globe. Business leaders would struggle to access real-time sales information, creating delays throughout the organization. Little things in life would be radically different if not for the cloud.

There are several other business-critical functionalities enabled by the cloud that would be slowed down or lost. Let’s highlight a few. 
  While cloud services are nothing new, the restrictions caused by COVID-19 have more organizations recognizing the values cloud services has to offer. The ability to access information anywhere and flexible plan options offer suitable solutions that can be implemented and tested quickly. The vast, never-ending network of cloud-based systems enables us to stay connected around the world, with very few hiccups. How can cloud services help your organization during remote work and beyond?