Mid-Size Company Leverages Office 365 in the Cloud to Improve Efficient Scalability

Mid-Size Company Leverages Office 365 in the Cloud to Improve Efficient Scalability

Mid-Size Company Leverages Technology to Run Lean and Efficient Operation

A company opened its doors in 1958 in Rantoul, Illinois as a Credit Union, serving the personal and dependents of nearby Chanute Air Force Base. It has since expanded and now serves 87,000 members in the Chicago metropolitan area, the northern and central regions of Illinois, and the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The company also serves 15,000 members in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

With their limited resources and staffing, the company recognizes that they must leverage leading-edge technology to do more with less and compete with larger competitors. When they approached BDO Digital for help with their on-premises Exchange 2010 environment, BDO Digital determined that the  company would most benefit from Office 365 in the cloud as well as better security and data control.

Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Efficiency

The company's IT staff didn’t have the time to manage the hardware nor the growing complexities of their current environment. Because users had different versions of Office installed, even simple tasks became cumbersome and time-consuming. Rather than continue to burden IT with finding ways to coalesce different platforms, they contacted BDO Digital to manage their upgrade to Office 365. The company's ultimate objective was to implement a scalable environment that frees up time and resources so that its employees, particularly IT, could focus on more strategic projects.

BDO Digital successfully executed the company's upgrade to Office 365 and trained end users. The new system’s scalability relieves the company of the worry that they will run out of disk space or have critical elements of their environment down for periods of time, both situations that they have run into in the past.

Office 365 Opens Up New Opportunities for Growth

With Office 365 implemented, cloud applications like Skype for Business/Lync and SharePoint have opened up communication lines and increased collaboration. The implementation has reduced the company's huge licensing and hardware costs, while freeing IT from the time burdens of maintaining their environment, doing backups, patching, and making sure they didn’t run out of space. Having employees on one platform has helped everyone work more efficiently.