Nonprofit Organization Undergoes Digital Transformation

Nonprofit Organization Undergoes Digital Transformation

Customer Challenge
The CRM team at BDO Digital was enlisted by a large religious organization with 5,800 congregations and more than 500,000 members worldwide to support their digital transformation journey. The organization had been using legacy, home-grown databases and applications for tracking and managing data from various sources, but they lacked automation and consistent processes and procedures. 
Like many large nonprofits, they were undergoing digital transformation in an effort to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve key management processes. Today, 89% of nonprofits say digital communications are critical to achieving their organization's mission, and 75% say their program participants are requesting digital communications options. To address the needs of its congregation and better manage critical processes such as member relations, implementing Salesforce was a key initiative for this nonprofit.

BDO Digital Solution

BDO Digital led the implementation of the Salesforce NPSP Cloud solution for the organization’s administrative operations. This included establishing processes and procedures for district and church management, as well as missionary and donor management. As part of the project, BDO Digital implemented the core Salesforce platform for regional districts to manage churches, pastors, and related annual survey data. They also established processes for tracking donor fundraising initiatives and managing payments to support the church’s missionaries.

Results and Benefits

Today, the client leverages Salesforce to unify, track, and manage data from various business units. Having a single platform for managing various functions has enabled them to reduce manual processes and operational overhead while streamlining member communications, eliminating data silos, and creating alignment between cross-functional teams.

Next Steps

BDO Digital continues to support the client as they roll out Salesforce to other teams across the organization. The client team has assisted in developing new functionality and related data migration to support Salesforce rollout to new teams within the organization.