Microsoft Lync Helps Tandem HR Weather the Storm by Allowing Employees to Connect from Any Location

Microsoft Lync Helps Tandem HR Weather the Storm by Allowing Employees to Connect from Any Location

Telephony Solution that Lets You Work from Anywhere

With winter right around the corner, Tandem HR turned to BDO Digital to deploy a telephony solution that would help make their employees more mobile and productive outside the office. We deployed Microsoft Lync, which enabled their team to work remotely and still answer client calls 24/7 – even during the worst Chicago snowstorm! Watch our client success video case study to learn more about how Tandem HR is finding success using Microsoft Lync and BDO Digital Microsoft Lync Managed Services.

Tandem HR is a human resource outsourcing company and professional employment organization. They provide their clients with solutions in the areas of benefits, employee assistance programs, human resources, payroll, risk and more. Before Tandem HR engaged BDO Digital to deploy Microsoft Lync, the organization had been using a phone system with handset phones that required them to be in their office to check voicemails and answer client calls. Microsoft Lync has helped make Tandem HR mobile and more productive outside of the office. This was especially true last winter.

Since Tandem HR is based outside of Chicago, they experienced some terrible winter snowstorms last year. With their old phone system, employees had to be in the office to answer client clients, as the organization couldn’t give snow days when their clients were on the line. Microsoft Lync is an enterprise ready telephony solution that gives users the ability to make voice calls from their computers, mobile devices or using a Microsoft Lync enabled desk phone. When last year’s snow storms were heading in and Chicago was getting inches of snow and below freezing temperatures, Tandem HR employees were able to work from home and remotely answer their client calls using Microsoft Lync on their laptops, enabling the business to continue running 24/7.

Always Connected with Managed Services

When we deploy Microsoft Lync, we don’t walk away and except the customer to maintain it. It’s a partnership. Tandem HR signed up for BDO Digital’s Microsoft Lync Managed Services offering. This provides them with 24×7 monitoring and support. Tandem HR knew there was going to be a huge snowstorm and that they were going to close the office, which would present some call center challenges. The organization was able to lean on BDO Digital, right in the middle of the night. A call came into the BDO Digital Managed Services team and it was escalated to our Microsoft Lync team who was able to go in and remotely help them with everything they needed. The next day everything operated seamlessly and business ran as usual.

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