Law Firm Fuels Strategic Growth Through Flexible Outsourced IT Partnership

Law Firm Fuels Strategic Growth Through Flexible Outsourced IT Partnership

The Movement Towards IT Outsourcing

A law firm was experiencing challenges with finding the right technology to help better serve their clients. As technology continued to make a greater impact on how companies conduct business, the firm was finding it increasingly difficult to manage their complex and ever-changing IT systems and the users who engage with them. To maintain a competitive edge, the law firm was reexamining how they approach IT management, as well as the strategic focus needed to drive greater innovation and profitability.

Finding expert guidance was the next step and the firm knew they needed to seek additional help to enhance their capabilities, expand coverage, and benefit from the collective expertise and experience of a Managed Services Provider.

As a midmarket organization, the firm knew they would need a flexible yet comprehensive set of IT services, however, it was financially prohibitive to staff a comprehensive team of IT experts. They found that most outsourced IT providers concentrated on remote monitoring of network resources, but midmarket organizations, such as this law firm, need more than that. Their requirements showcased the need for a flexible but comprehensive set of outsourced IT services that can provide expert coverage.

A ‘Managed Services Plus’ model that increases productivity

Given the large role technology plays in every layer of business, from customer satisfaction to end-user experience to compliance and security, the firm knew that having access to both daily and long-range technology services is important.
After evaluating many managed services providers, BDO Digital placed on-top as the list. BDO Digital was able to recognize that they needed a mix-and-match combination of network monitoring, break/fix, long-range planning, and other services ranging from help desk to disaster recover planning. Essentially, BDO Digital created a ‘Managed Services Plus’ model for the firm.

Some of the main benefits the firm was able to realize through their new ‘Managed Services Plus’ are:

  • Consolidation: BDO Digital consolidated their server infrastructure to reduce the number of physical servers by 40%
  • Elimination: One-off application purchases for individual projects were eliminated by upgrading to Microsoft Office and SharePoint.
  • Productivity: Desktop performance and stability were improved and user experiences were enhanced through Microsoft 365.
  • Engagement: BDO Digital was able to lay the groundwork to execute key portions of the strategic plan by engaging with Microsoft.

Recognizing the need to outsource

Since partnering with BDO Digital, the firm has seen a significant improvement in productivity. By improving their outdated IT infrastructure, they not only reduced time and money spent on tasks, but they also improved the overall satisfaction of their employees and customers. The firm now has access to over 80 BDO Digital consultants with wide-ranging technical expertise who can help implement the best practices to optimize the firm’s technology services.

If one of our on-site BDO Digital engineers is on vacation, they provide the needed coverage. If we’re planning an upgrade, BDO Digital can efficiently design and implement the solution. If we need software development for a big case, we don’t need to pay another consultant $30,000 for an initial assessment because BDO Digital knows our environment and has software developers on staff.

- Managing Partner at the firm

Deploying the Right Solutions for a Better Enabled Future

By having the right technology in place, the firm now has a lower risk for system downtime and the right tools that were previously unavailable. Also, by implementing the latest technology solutions, the firm has now optimized the productivity of their practice. They are no longer continuously dealing with issues related to IT systems, allowing their employees to work more constructively and focus on serving their customers.

BDO Digital’s ability to provide both daily and long-range technology services increase our ability to do that exponentially as well as cost-effectively.

-  Managing Partner at the firm

Questions? BDO Digital’s award-winning Managed Services team can help your organization develop cost-effective, flexible support options right-sized to fit your IT needs. Contact Us to speak about what technology solutions might be right so you can optimize productivity in your own workplace.