Ingredient National Distributor Creates Online Store for Its Customer

Ingredient National Distributor Creates Online Store for Its Customer

A leader in ingredient distribution needed help creating an online store to allow their customers the ability to purchase products online without manual intervention/dialogue to streamline their business. Based in Illinois, this company was still taking all orders manually via sales representatives prior to this engagement.

BDO Digital has worked with this firm for over 5 years in a variety of IT and Networking initiatives, landing this opportunity based upon the successes of the prior work. 

Goals and Objectives of eCommerce Store

The company wanted a cost-effective and efficient eCommerce platform that would provide:

  • Business rules driving customer pricing, minimum order amounts, and cart fees
  • Up to date inventory per warehouse so a customer knows where to order from
  • Seamless integration with fulfillment systems
  • Easy to use interface for their customers
  • Platform built for growth and future initiatives
  • Platform where fast prototyping and turnaround allow for an agile approach

Our Solution

BDO Digital utilized a formal methodology to assist with platform selection. The methodology lays out the alternatives and pros/cons of selecting each option. BDO Digital then makes a recommendation based on the information provided but leaves the final decision to the customer.

BDO Digital’s software selection methodology includes several steps:
  • Executing a formal discovery process to gather details about the features desired that are both short and long term
  • Documenting the feedback gathered and providing a presentation of leading vendors and how their platform meets or does not meet the client’s requirements
  • Having an open and honest dialogue with the customer about the outcome of the discovery process and providing an informed recommendation based on our expertise in the industry

BDO Digital helped the firm select Big Commerce as their new eCommerce system and is now leading the customization, integrations, data migration, and launch plan for the new site.


BDO Digital’s experience with similar clients helped expedite the platform selection process to quickly find the best solution for the company.

The new eCommerce system will allow the company to manage their business using a modern open-source SaaS application. They will also benefit from having a best-in-breed set of capabilities to allow additional features in the future as desired. BDO Digital continues to provide overall support/feature enhancement of the platform for the company.

BDO Digital’s methodology is focused on a software choice that will meet the functional, financial, and technological requirements of your company. We have the industry knowledge and technical expertise needed to help at every stage of the lifecycle. If you would like more information, please contact us.