Global Supply Chain Logistics Company Launches New Business Service with Scaleable, Cloud-Based CRM System

Global Supply Chain Logistics Company Launches New Business Service with Scaleable, Cloud-Based CRM System

Combining the Right People, Processes, and Technology

Since 1975, HAVI Global Solutions has become a forerunner in the supply chain and packaging industry. The company focuses on finding new sources of profitability for their clients by providing them with better integration and coordination for their processes. HAVI Global Solutions currently has a large client base in more than 22 countries. In order to manage some of the most complex outsourced supply chains in the world, HAVI Global Solutions provides world-class people, processes, and technology to their customers.

When HAVI Global Solutions launched a new business service and needed a solution to track their client’s activities, they turned to BDO Digital. BDO Digital customized a Microsoft CRM solution, which has improved communication, allowing them to expand and scale their business.

Technology Succeeds with Coordination

HAVI Global Solutions currently coordinates the recycling and waste services program for the owner operators of a global restaurant franchise. The corporation’s social responsibility program not only helps the environment but also helps their Owner Operators save money on waste services. In order to coordinate recycling initiatives for the organization, HAVI Global Solutions needed a system that could manage the account activity for over 14,000 independent operations. The company sought out BDO Digital Technology Partners to assist with the architecture and development of their required system.

A Cloud-Based CRM Solution that Scales with the Business Demands

BDO Digital customized a Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for HAVI Global Solutions, which gave them a powerful yet flexible platform to manage their client’s recycling and waste services program.

The HAVI Global Solutions/Microsoft CRM system tracks all activities associated with each of the Owner Operators’ waste and recycling program. A core feature of the system is to facilitate the bidding process between third party waste management vendors and the independent Owner Operators. Through the system all parties can track and manage activities associated with the bidding and operations process.

The HAVI Global Solutions/Microsoft CRM system is a Cloud based solution that is currently hosted by Microsoft. Utilizing a Cloud-based delivery model provided HAVI Global Solutions with the ability to scale the system with demand while preserving capital and minimizing the impact to their internal IT operations.

The Microsoft CRM system deployment for HAVI Global Solutions was released as a pilot in support of more than 700 Owner Operator locations in August of 2011; the system will be launched in support of 14,000 locations in early 2012. HAVI Global Solutions and the chain of Owners Operators have already seen the benefits of the new system, as program communication and activity has become substantially more efficient and system reporting is more complete and insightful.