Global Logistics Company Enhances Employee Communications and Launches New Service with BDO Digital Partnership

Global Logistics Company Enhances Employee Communications and Launches New Service with BDO Digital Partnership

Deploying New Unified Communications Solution Across the Entire Organization

A global logistics company has grown from a four-person startup to an enterprise that spans 37 global locations and over 190 global service centers. With more than 760 employees serving over 5,800 active accounts and vertical markets that include perishables, consumer electronics, home delivery, pharmaceuticals and all branches of the government, the company also provides value-added services to enhance supply chain efficiencies.

The company had already deployed Microsoft OCS on a pilot basis for approximately 50 users in the IT department. As the benefits and efficiencies of the unified communications solution became apparent, the company enlisted the support of BDO Digital to manage the next stage of the project: to upgrade to OCS R2; expand the deployment on a larger scale across the enterprise; and establish additional functionality, including voice conferencing.

Leveraging Automation Technology to Grow Brand New Service Offering

As BDO Digital was overseeing the rollout of Microsoft OCS R2, the company was working to develop an entirely new service offering: at-home delivery of electronics products from retailers and manufacturers to consumers. Until now, the company’s business involved commercial freight deliveries to end users.

When the home delivery service was in its infancy, the company’s team of customer service representatives manually called customers to schedule delivery dates and times. As the service offering and its customer base began to mature and expand, the company sought an automated solution that would coordinate scheduling and delivery to locations across the country.

BDO Digital delivers new efficiencies 

BDO Digital completed the company’s upgrade to OCS R2 and integrated it with the company’s existing telephony system. The OCS solution includes a real-time presence indicator, voice conferencing capability, and integrated voice calling with the company’s existing telephony system.

For the home delivery service, BDO Digital custom-built a solution that places automated calls to customers who have purchased electronics equipment from the company’s partner retailers and manufacturers. When the consumer answers the call, he or she is automatically transferred to an available customer service representative who schedules a date and time for delivery.

The OCS infrastructure project resulted in streamlined and enhanced employee communication among more than 400 employees nationwide. It facilitates enterprise-wide instant messaging, voice conferencing and the real-time presence indicator, useful as the system identifies available customer service representatives to schedule the next home delivery call. The company is able to provide its customers with enhanced levels of service, while employees complete tasks more quickly and effectively.

At the same time, BDO Digital’s custom technology framework allowed the company to solve a business challenge while successfully launching its at-home delivery service. The company is now fully prepared to accommodate a high volume of transactions and deliveries with greater efficiency.