Chicago Botanic Garden Partnered with BDO Digital to Cost Effectively Manage IT

Chicago Botanic Garden Partnered with BDO Digital to Cost Effectively Manage IT

Technology Succeeds with Care

When Chicago Botanic Garden, a 385-acre garden and natural museum needed a partner to help manage their Exchange upgrade and maintain their network environment, they turned to BDO Digital. They also chose to partner with BDO Digital on IT Managed Services, which helps them focus on enhancing the experience of over 900,000 annual visitors and not the technology that surrounds it.

Nurturing the Business through Technology

Since 1972, the mission of Chicago Botanic Garden has been to promote the enjoyment, understanding and conservation of plants and the natural world. The 385-acre garden and natural museum draws over 900,000 annual visitors and has become one of Chicago’s leading attractions. Recently, Chicago Botanic Garden released their ten-year strategic plan, Keep Growing, which outlines the steps the organization will take “to grow from being great to being legendary.”

In order to Keep Growing, Chicago Botanic Garden recognizes the important role technology plays in nurturing their plan and enabling them to successfully accomplish their goals. The organization continues to implement many new emerging technologies and strives to be cutting edge.

A Partner to Support the Business' Growing IT Needs

With over 450 system users and a complex infrastructure, Chicago Botanic Garden’s Information Systems Department is constantly looking for ways to integrate “innovative, cost effective, sustainable and secure technology solutions” that will ensure their organization’s future success. In order to maintain a strong technology infrastructure, the organization knew they had to consolidate their SQL databases as well as upgrade their current Microsoft Exchange Server. Chicago Botanic Garden wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2010, but knew their internal staff did not have the expertise to successfully design, plan and deploy the upgrade. Additionally, they would not be able to troubleshoot any network issues. Chicago Botanic Garden needed a partner who could help them manage their Exchange upgrade and subsequently maintain their network environment, so that their staff could focus on more strategic projects.

A Managed Services Company that Cares

Managing Chicago Botanic Garden’s IT environment required more than your average help desk, they were looking for a managed services partner and they found that with BDO Digital.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting of IT systems
  • Cost-effective, flexible support and IT management
  • Proactive patching, reporting and updating of systems
  • Access to subject matter experts as needed

BDO Digital architected and executed the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Exchange 2010 Server upgrade. The new system provided a scalable, reliable and manageable e-mail and communications infrastructure for any user within Chicago Botanic Garden’s networks. Following the deployment, BDO Digital implemented a managed services solution for the entire Chicago Botanic Garden environment, including Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Through proactive and consistent system monitoring, BDO Digital can identify issues that may compromise network health, performance and stability. Once an issue is identified, BDO Digital will triage the problem and work with Chicago Botanic Garden’s IT staff to rapidly resolve the situation. Each month, the team meets with Chicago Botanic Garden management to review results and best practice recommendations with the goal of creating an infrastructure that supports the Garden staff and visitor experience.

Better Reliability and User Experience In the End

Exchange 2010 has given Chicago Botanic Garden more reliable e-mail and information storage, which enables employees to work more efficiently. BDO Digital Care has provided Chicago Botanic Garden with a cost effective way to maintain their network and database systems while freeing up the schedules of the internal team so that they can focus on the strategic and customer centric projects.

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