BDO Digital Develops a SharePoint Solution Around the Users to Increase Productivity and Enhance User Adoption

BDO Digital Develops a SharePoint Solution Around the Users to Increase Productivity and Enhance User Adoption

Creating an Engaging SharePoint Experience

Microsoft SharePoint is a market leading search portal and content management platform used by nearly eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies and millions worldwide to improve workforce collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. For years, BDO Digital has helped create SharePoint solutions that are engaging and easy to use, ensuring greater user adoption.

M. Holland is the largest privately held thermoplastic resin distributor in North America with a rich history and more than 60 years of experience. One of the challenges the company faced last year was a reinvention of the intranet – a place where employees can go for company information, such as important documents needed to do their jobs more efficiently. M. Holland engaged BDO Digital to help design a compelling user experience and intranet site that would be aesthetically pleasing and get more robust over time.

Architecting a SharePoint Design that Enables Users

Prior to the reinvention of the intranet, SharePoint was an underutilized platform and it largely became a public drive for M. Holland. The new intranet gives employees a more robust experience, offering the ability to quickly retrieve and share company information. The M. Holland team now has quick links to the key information and documents they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. The intranet has also become a center point for employee communication. There is now consistency when the company rolls out announcements to the organization using SharePoint.

“What BDO Digital did that we had not experienced before was they wanted to see how the average user was going to use the site and help develop it around them.”

– Pete Nutley, VP of Operations

The thought leadership around how you architect one of those experiences to make SharePoint engaging for the user has proven to be BDO Digital’s strong suit. BDO Digital has been more than just a technology solutions provider to M. Holland, but a trusted partner every step of the way.

“They are not just a technical deliverer, they deliver on spirit and dream and intent and all of those other things.”

– Neil Goodrich, IT Manager