Unleashing the Power of AI with Microsoft Copilot

Unleashing the Power of AI with Microsoft Copilot

With the launch of Microsoft Copilot, your business can have access, right now, to insights that yesterday were spread across business teams to serve your customers faster and respond to the market.  The wave of artificial intelligence is a “transformational” technology whose scale may be beyond even the wholesale rotation of technology services provisioning last seen in the the advent of cloud.  Driving artificial intelligence in your business has to-date relied either on the prospect of extreme investment for custom data models – which is out of reach for many – or on the risky use of general-purpose public model portals like ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and more. 

Optimize to Gain Agility in a Dynamic Market 

Microsoft’s 365 Copilot democratizes and speeds your team’s access to artificial intelligence by deploying world-class analysis into the privacy of your security boundaries, your identity, your enterprise controls.   

Natural language path

Imagine your Financial Analyst being able to ask natural language questions that summarize data from a variety of teams that provide hints on where revenue sources are, or which data needs reviewed?  What if your executives could ask for a summary version of a long engineering analysis which was completed yesterday in time for today’s meeting?  What if your architect could ask a question of Microsoft Graph – like which people with sales titles have read my go to market documents most in the last 30 days? 

These examples and more are possible in seconds in an organization that has Microsoft Copilot deployed into the environment!  

Build the Foundations 

Microsoft’s Copilot technology works by building a private index of your content for your team, all within the boundaries of your security and identity.  No one else has access to your technology, your information.  Your team’s questions and answers are secured and limited to your environment, eliminating the data leakage concerns of using a public artificial intelligence model. 
copilot illustration 

Copilot consumes your data estate (Emails, Files, Chats, Calendars, and Contacts), and existing fabric of permissions and identity to produce answers that are relevant to your business. Copilot can also be extended to integrate with external data systems using Plugins and provide a rich user experience with Adaptive Cards. To get the most value out of the copilot product, BDO can help your organization get ready: 

Clean up your Data with Purview 

Microsoft Copilot provides near-real-time answers to real business questions.  It inherits your permissions, your data security strategy, your labels, and your business rules.  As part of deploying rapid access technology, update those rules and data labels to proactively protect information and limit its distribution. 

Add Data Security Controls for Copilot 

Microsoft Purview controls for compliance and data security can provide day-one integration so that your artificial intelligence interactions are auditable, maintain data security, and fit into the regulatory context of your business.  BDO can work with your team on a deployment plan that includes these critical controls for how Copilot itself interacts with your data estate. 

Simplify your Identity 

Some of the most critical clues on the context of who is asking the question, who they interact with, what applications they use, and what the likely needs of that person are come from the identity of your organization.  With the dynamic pace of business, over the course of years, sometimes the identity estate can become fragmented with old application entries, legacy departments, objects from acquisitions, and more.  BDO can help your business improve the relevance of the responses from Copilot by cleaning up these old objects and preparing your business for the next wave of integration and growth. 

Enable your Information Workers 

Finally, your team may be experiencing new disciplines – like prompt engineering – for the first time.  BDO has been working with machine learning and artificial intelligence for years and has experts who have been working with clients on ChatGPT and similar generative intelligence technologies who can help your business with depth and experience.  A rapid-deployment plan can maximize your business value creation when adding Copilot by providing references, question and answer, recorded videos, and even real time office hours access to data and AI experts that will help your business adopt these powerful new technologies. 

Learn more about BDO Digital’s strategic partnership with Microsoft and how our Copilot Care+ Program can help assess your organization's readiness for Copilot, leverage our support program to get Copilot into the hands of employees, and set them up for success to supercharge their productivity.