Top Tableau Resources in Indiana and Beyond That Will Transform Your Data Analytics Game

Top Tableau Resources in Indiana and Beyond That Will Transform Your Data Analytics Game

Got data analytics on the brain? Yeah, you and almost everyone else in the business world these days. Data analytics and visualization are changing the game when it comes to creating strategic insights and increasing competitive edge in the market.

Unfortunately for both newbies and veteran analysts, simply staring at data all day doesn’t translate into being data-driven. So, let’s take a deeper look past mere dashboards and into a data platform solution that will help you leverage your data to ask the right questions. This will lead you into deeper insights, creating compelling visualizations that translate into REAL business value.

Where to Find the Best Tableau Resources

Whether you wish to get started with data analytics, want to build upon your current knowledge, or gain visibility into what you might be missing out on, here’s Indiana’s top three Tableau resources to get you on the path to becoming a legit data whiz:

Online Training

Interested in learning how to better analyze your available data, or maybe realizing data visualizations for others? Tableau’s website has a staggering amount of online training resources to get you up to speed in no time - most of which are completely free.

  • Tableau Starter Kits are great for beginners who are not quite sure where to start when it comes to creating content and administering your Tableau software. Finally, it’s time to make the transition from report writer to data steward!
  • Free Training Videos are available for all three versions of Tableau (Desktop, Online, & Server) and cover everything from creation and collaboration to calculations and security.
  • Live Online Training & On-Demand Webinars consist of one-hour courses that range from a beginner’s level to “advanced Tableau Jedi tricks.” Stay posted on upcoming live webinars, learn more about top business trends around data analytics and the cloud, or browse a reference library of industry-based learning sections at your leisure.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free online community forum and service that takes dashboarding to a whole new level. It’s perfect for those interested in better understanding shareable or public data by creating “vizzes” (Tableau talk for data visualizations). Once created, vizzies can be shared via email and social media, embedded into blog articles, and even made available for other users to download.

Indianapolis Tableau User Group

For those who may be unfamiliar, Tableau is quickly becoming the most popular data platform solution in Indiana with its most concentrated user base right out of the state’s capital.

Affectionately referred to as ITUG, the Indy Tableau User Group was the first of its kind in the entire state of Indiana. Rob Wellen, BDO Digital's Director of Data Analytics, founded ITUG with the help of friends and colleagues from various other industries. Conferences are usually hosted quarterly by local Indy users and their organizations with additional meetings depending on Tableau special events, news, or user input.

The amount of energy and enthusiasm has been incredible!  It is a true reflection of what the ITUG leaders have invested in building the group.  Each meeting we see new faces and new presenters that inspire others to share their experiences.

- Eric Borland, Tableau Enterprise Account Manager

Membership and attendance are noncommittal and free for anyone with a passion for data. Users can request to discuss or present specific topics, gather insights from peers, and share helpful tips and tricks.

Indiana Tableau partners like BDO Digital have been an integral part of communal support by helping both users and their organizations with user training and adoption, data science management and advanced analytics strategy, data platform modernization assessments, predictive analytics use cases, and more. "BDO Digital has been really instrumental in developing Tableau thought leadership for ITUG," added Eric Borland.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tableau licensing and pricing, discuss how you or your company can better understand and leverage their data, or if you’d like to attend our next ITUG meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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