Intelligent Virtual Assistant: GPT That Meets You Where You Are

Intelligent Virtual Assistant: GPT That Meets You Where You Are

Driven by the mission to deliver a safer, more secure generative AI solution to the marketplace, BDO Digital designed its Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), an in-house GPT solution built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. With IVA, you can confidently harness the benefits of generative AI while keeping your sensitive information within your organization's private data environment. IVA provides a secure and controlled environment for implementing generative AI, enabling you to unlock its full potential without compromising data security. With built-in personas allowing users to administer how, when, and where they use the GPT solution, IVA meets you wherever you are, across multiple touchpoints of your business.

In response to customers’ evolving and complex business needs, IVA offers three tiers of solutions, each designed to advance the maturity of the AI functionality that customers can leverage to automate and enhance their operations. Here’s what you can expect from each tier:

Tier 1: Expedite Your Essential Day-to-Day Tasks 

Tier 1IVA Base, provides organizations with security controls, training, and adoption planning, as well as monitoring and a custom-tailored dashboard. This tier offers generative AI capabilities to help organizations perform some of their most essential job functions more expeditiously and efficiently, from conducting outreach and writing internal memorandums to preparing succinct meeting summaries and briefing documents in a fraction of the time. To get started, BDO Digital conducts an Advanced Use Case workshop to train teams on how to use IVA Base to its greatest potential.

Use Case #1: CEO Needs a Meeting Summary for a Board Presentation

A CEO needs to present a meeting summary in their upcoming board meeting. The CEO uploads their bullet-point notes from the meeting on IVA Base and asks the GPT solution to generate a more formal summary in complete, detailed sentences. The end result is a clean, compelling meeting summary that the CEO can bring to their board presentation – completed in a fraction of the time.

Use Case #2: Marketer Needs a Sales Pitch in a Pinch

A marketer needs to tailor their sales pitch but is stuck in a writing rut. Using BDO IVA, they generate six marketing prompts for a sales pitch based on their company’s key differentiators and target customer’s pain points. The result is a highly customized outreach campaign with the potential for more lead generation and sales enablement.

Tier 2: Analyze Data to Direct Content

Tier 2IVA Plus’ suite of solutions facilitates more advanced data analysis, enabling organizations to “talk” to their data and use it to generate new, more compelling content. Organizations that seek support with document extraction and summarization greatly benefit from IVA Plus’ capabilities.

Use Case #1: A Private Equity Firm Can Skim Through CIMs

A private equity (PE) firm can use IVA Plus to condense the key findings of a 150-page confidential information memorandum (CIM) into a concise, five-page summary. Because many PE firms review dozens, if not hundreds, of CIMs in a given week, using IVA Plus’ document processing solutions to analyze CIMs would save substantial time, enabling timelier, more efficient deal-making. The firm can rest assured that the contents of the document remain confidential within the tool’s secure environment.  

Use Case #2: Human Resources Department Facilitates Employee Contracts and Feedback

The human resources (HR) department of a mid-size company uses IVA Plus to extract the terms of new employee contracts – automating, in seconds, a process that would normally take hours. The HR department then conducts an employee survey to solicit feedback from new hires. Once the surveys are completed, the HR team uses IVA Plus to analyze trends and develop a sub-set of questions for the broader organization based on the results. 

Tier 3: View Your Data in a New Dimension

Tier 3IVA Premium offers the most comprehensive generative AI solutions by interfacing IVA Premium to communicate with enterprise systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERPs) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. With IVA Premium’s capabilities, the generative AI connects to a data warehouse and provides immediate responses to companies’ questions with visual outputs. The results are highly personalized and compelling data visualizations, which can be used for myriad business functions across industries.

Use Case #1: Government Contractor Accelerates Data Aggregation

city government contractor uses IVA Premium to aggregate data on their impact serving specific county demographics, which they transform into a compelling visual dashboard. The contractor uses these outputs to complete requests for proposal (RFP) responses and other procurement documents. 

Use Case #2: Manufacturer Optimizes Staff Schedules with GPT

A manufacturing company needs help managing team schedules based on evolving plant lines and production shifts. The manufacturer uses IVA Premium to regularly update and optimize shifts, creating more streamlined and efficient operations.

Use Case #3: PE Firm Takes Deal-Flow to a New Level 

A PE firm uses IVA Premium to optimize sales team performance across its portfolio by generating comprehensive analysis and insights based on real-time data. These insights improve decision-making, deal flow, and performance outcomes, helping the firm maximize its returns on investment.

A Holistic Generative AI Solution

As your trusted AI advisor, BDO Digital has designed BDO IVA as a holistic generative AI solution that evolves with the ever-changing AI landscape and your organization’s needs.

The tool continually updates and expands its capabilities as the AI market accelerates. IVA includes built-in personas that can help you identify new tasks across your business primed for augmentation via generative AI and delivers the right IVA solution to use to help you accomplish your goals. Your team no longer has to wonder which AI tool to use and when – IVA’s three tiers of solutions allow you to continually build on your organization’s AI platform, customizing tasks and workflow based on your team’s roles and various needs.

Ready for a more secure GPT Solution?

Learn more about BDO’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) and how BDO Digital can support your company’s growth by helping expedite tasks, improve outcomes, and reach your business goals.