Inpatient Census Calculator

September 13, 2022

Identifying Cost Reduction Opportunities for Healthcare Organizations 

Help reduce costs in overall staffing and length of stay of patients 

Our inpatient census simulator can show you how much you could be saving through our reduction in monthly cost calculation. By better predicting how many patients you'll have, and potentially determining the cases involved, you can better predict the nurses you will need and hire the correct number of staff to avoid the more costly route of short-term staffing.  


Real-world example of cost savings 

Recently, a healthcare organization was challenged with reducing costs in their overall staffing and length of stay of patients. With limited artificial intelligence(AI), staff and internal tools, they needed someone with expertise in healthcare data science and a platform that could utilize data from a variety of sources. 

BDO Digital offered a solution through predictive insight reporting to identify a 1% reduction in registered nurses’ hours paid per patient day, netting over $2M in savings per year. These savings were seen in eight of their 38 hospitals within network. Additionally, BDO Digital also created a predictive insight report that identified opportunities to reduce patient length of stay by 0.1%, resulting in savings of over $10M per year.  

See how much you could be saving now with our calculator simulation below! 

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