As cyberattacks grow in number and sophistication, organizations must find ways to proactively protect themselves for what lies ahead. Even though organizations have responded by increasing their security budgets, “78% of senior IT and security leaders lack confidence in their company’s security posture," and, "nearly 80% believe their organization lacks sufficient cybersecurity protections".

"78% of senior IT and security leaders lack confidence in their company’s security posture"

"Nearly 80% believe their organization lacks sufficient cybersecurity protections"

As cyber threats become more complex, so do the cybersecurity strategies used to protect against them. Protecting your organization’s information and digital assets requires a broad approach with clearly defined strategies and solutions. It’s not about finding a simple solution; it’s about finding a solution that will cover all your bases.

Cyberattacks are inevitable and the cyber threat landscape is ever-changing. Is your organization prepared?

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The Importance of Evaluating Your Cyber Threats Readiness

Modern cloud platforms, AI, and intelligence enabled solutions are helping organizations gain more confidence and capabilities in their threat defenses. These capabilities are evolving quickly, as are the threat actor’s abilities to circumvent modern threat defenses. Because of this rapid evolution, it is critical to continuously evaluate your readiness to defend against cyber threats so that your solutions and processes don’t become obsolete and ineffective.  

By embracing the availability and reach of security tooling in this modern environment we’re in, along with the deep knowledge of a strategic advisor like BDO Digital, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and help reduce risk and alleviate burdens without high cost and complexities.

Why BDO Digital for Cyber Threat Management?

  • BDO Digital serves a broad range of clients across its cybersecurity and Managed Detection and Response services. Our practice consists of seasoned system integrators and experienced professionals with a commitment to helping our clients protect their assets.  
  • We bring Medium-Enterprise level cybersecurity skills to the mid-market and Medium-Enterprise clients.  
  • Our team includes former Military, Government, FBI, and CISO level cybersecurity professionals helping to protect your business.

  • Our team embraces technology and learns from one another so we can constantly update our approach to reflect developing best practice 
  • We practice defense in depth (full suite of threat management solutions – MXDR, VMaaS, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting) 
  • We deliver continuous attack simulations to identify gaps in alerting and tooling, helping to assure coverage and reduce risk 
  • Since BDO leverages Microsoft solutions, we can take advantage of their continued investment of billions into cyber, helping to ensure that our technology solutions are always leading edge 

  • Azure Sentinel’s AI-driven correlation engine and behavior-based analytics reduces the number of false positives by up to 79% so your team doesn’t waste time chasing the wrong things 
  • Azure Sentinel’s cloud-delivered platform reduces management effort by 56%, saving $1.2 million on average between tooling and staff 
  • Infrastructure and SIEM management teams perform less maintenance and spend more time adding value to the business 

  • Our solution automatically blocks and stops malicious activities without stopping work of users and clients 
  • Processes are standardized and BDO Digital is optimized to work with other applications and hardware in the organization to obtain better performance and reliability at every point of the organization 
  • Our automated level of defense selection is based on the degree and severity of the attack with behavioral intelligence 

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