In today's fast-paced business world, having a 360 view of customer data at your fingertips is key to success.


BDO Digital | Microsoft

Introducing BDO Digital Vision – Customer 360

A Data & AI solution built on Microsoft Azure and designed with financial institutions in mind

Presented by:

Bryan Heline - Executive Data Strategist​, BDO Digital
Rob Wellen - Managing Director of Data & AI, BDO Digital

Are you looking to identify cross-sell opportunities, see new and lost relationships and gain operational support? 

In today’s fast-paced business world, having a 360-degree view of data at your fingertips is key to success. BDO Digital Vision’s Customer 360 solution powered by HeroPath is specifically designed to help financial institutions identify net-new customers and cross-sell opportunities quickly and more efficiently.

Understanding ‘who is the customer’ is not unique to banking, but how you accomplish this is unique - let us show you how you can drive success for your banking business with data and AI.

In this video, BDO Digital’s Bryan Heline and Rob Wellen will walk you through:

  • Key Issues around data analytics​ within banking organizations
  • Opportunities around unlocking all your customer data
  • Examples on how Customer 360 can help you identify cross-sell opportunities, see your new and lost relationships, gain operational support, and more
  • Ideas on how to get started