Reduce Hardware Requirements and Costs While Improving Operational Efficiencies and Backup Capabilities

We deliver virtual desktops and applications in a simplified and cost-effective manner to meet your business demands. Public, private or hybrid. We work with you to create an environment that allows you to increase operational efficiency and better manage your resources. BDO Digital is certified in Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware, so our clients have a choice when it comes to virtualization.

Why Do I Need a “Wide and Deep” Perspective When It Comes to Technology Infrastructure?

The best way to explain this would be through a simple illustration. Consider the server virtualization (hypervisor) technology. Majority of organizations have leveraged some form of server virtualization using solutions such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. To optimize your investment in virtual infrastructure, you will need expertise in not only in the hypervisor platform itself, but also storage like SAN or NAS, networking for virtual machines traffic and in some cases for storage traffic, management and monitoring of the virtual infrastructure, backup and recovery, identity management to ensure streamlined administration, security to ensure protection of data now residing in a more consolidated environment, connectivity to cloud solutions for hybrid cloud, and end-user enablement and productivity. As you can see, you need to see the “big picture” of how all of those components work together (“wide”), but also need the expertise in each of individual components (“deep”).

What is Virtualization?

Server virtualization has radically impacted the standard footprint of today’s middle market IT environment. By collapsing multiple server roles into a fewer number of physical hosts, virtualization has provided the market and our clients with the ability to reduce their hardware requirements. Providing great efficiencies in physical space and power management, but perhaps most compelling is that this concentrated approach offers significant cost reduction through consolidation, improved backup and recovery capabilities, and operational efficiencies in the configuration, deployment, and monitoring of many servers from a single console.

Desktop virtualization allows users to access their desktops and applications from any device. The idea of desktop virtualization is strongly influenced by what has become a pervasive mobile community. Everyone seems to be tethered to a tablet or a Smartphone, and there is a growing expectation that these devices should be capable of accessing any source of information – whether it is personal or business. Desktop virtualization provides our clients with the ability to meet this demand – in essence to offer our clients the ability to deliver applications and desktops to any device in a secure and efficient manner.

What are the Benefits of Virtualization?

  • Reduced hardware requirements, maintenance, electricity and cooling costs, and space
  • Cost reduction through consolidation
  • Improved backup and recovery capabilities
  • Operational efficiencies in the configuration, deployment, and monitoring of many servers form a single console
The thing that set BDO Digital apart for us was the way they immersed themselves into our business. BDO Digital came on-site and worked closely with our business users to understand how they did their day-to-day jobs, so when we transitioned the technology they felt comfortable supporting it.