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Every time individuals and companies are buying or selling products and services online, they’re engaging in ecommerce. BDO Digital builds custom eCommerce solutions that will further your business strategy. Our approach is consultative, meaning we start by understanding your business strategy, followed by technology selection and implementation.

We are a multi-faceted team of astute listeners, innovative thinkers, and dedicated partners devoted to helping you bring your amazing application experience to life. Our agile development practices and methodologies have evolved into proven techniques over 35 years of helping Midwest organizations achieve business goals.


BDO Digital eCommerce Approach


eCommerce Assessment

BDO Digital can provide a review of your business and technology to determine how an online strategy would be applied and identify the solutions that are unique to your business model, GTM and historical market performance.

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Why eCommerce as a Function - Not just a Technology

There is a lot to consider when moving some or all your business online, so we approach eCommerce as a function not a technology. This means we start with the business strategy and determine the technology to use based on that. 

This creates our 4 core tenants of business value:

  • Creates Reach - Allows consumers to make a global choice, obtain the necessary information and compare offers from all potential suppliers/ vendors, regardless of their locations, 24 hours a day.  

  • Streamlines Fulfillment - By allowing direct interaction with the final consumer, e-commerce shortens the product distribution chain and enables them to offer products and services that suit the individual preferences of the target market.  

  • Expands Value - Allows suppliers to be closer to their customers, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness for companies. As a result, the consumer benefits from an improvement in the quality of service, resulting in greater proximity, as well as more efficient pre- and post-sales support.   

  • Reduces Cost - The more trivial a particular business process is, the greater the likelihood of its success, resulting in a significant reduction of transaction costs and of the prices charged to customers. 

eCommerce is not just for B2C

7 Types of eCommerce serving different uses cases and markets:

eCommerce Data & Analytics Solutions

Our wholistic approach to eCommerce encompasses Data & Analytics. With a modern data foundation, real-time insights at your fingertips and predictive analytics pointing the way, your organization can reap the real eCommerce benefits of the data advantage. More informed choices. Faster response times. Better customer intelligence and fuel for innovation. You can achieve it all — if you have the right eCommerce data strategy. 

Services and solutions we offer: 

  • Analytics Adoption 
  • Analytics Insights 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Automation 
  • Data Management Services 

Demand Generation for eCommerce

As organizations continue their journey to utilize technology, data and new capabilities for eCommerce, having a workable, well-thought-out roadmap in place is an essential part of a winning strategy. Our Demand Generation services are designed to ensure you derive true value from your ongoing eCommerce technology investments and implementations. 

Services and solutions to enhance your eCommerce efforts: 

  • MarTech Deployment 
  • Lead Aquisition
  • ​Lead Management 

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