Take advantage of new technologies while maintaining cyber resilience.   

BDO Digital Active Protect is a comprehensive MXDR solution that leverages the Microsoft suite of security tools coupled with BDO Digital’s managed security operations center (SOC) to provide continuous protection, detection, and response. Our MDR solution helps organizations continue to take advantage of new technologies while maintaining their cyber resilience.
BDO Digital introduces its flagship cyber security services with Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR), Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Vulnerability Management (VM) and Threat Hunting (TH) as a potent, best-in-class combination of cyber security solutions that leverage, at its core, Microsoft’s industry leading line of security tools. 

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Starting with a 60-day trial allows customers to experience Microsoft Sentinel’s threat intelligence and security analytics platform delivered through BDO Digital’s Active Protect service at no cost. 

A best-in-class security and threat protection solution. 

Organizations are quickly realizing that no one vendor or solution corners the market in terms of eliminating all risk. BDO Digital has developed a fully integrated, cloud-native solution that is comprised of people, processes, and technology that are working together 24x7x365 to safeguard your organization from adversaries.

At the heart of our MDR service is our threat intelligence informed security operations center. This is how we identify and protect your most critical assets.  Keeping informed of the latest threats and active cyber campaigns to inform the mitigating actions in order to keep your business safe.  

BDO Digital’s MDR solution leverages Microsoft Azure Sentinel security analytics along with our global SOC teams, with years of cyber experience to provide continuous protection, detection, and response to organizations. Keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape can be challenging. Our MDR solution is designed to provide organizations with the tools and coverage needed to protect operations, reputation, and data from advanced threats. 

Why BDO Digital Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)?

BDO Digital MXDR offers enhanced threat hunting, detection, and quick response across endpoint, network, on premises, and cloud environments to enable visibility across all areas of your information systems. Our team of security specialists leverage Microsoft Azure Sentinel and are rooted in more than 25 years of industry threat detection and response experience. We can identify risk, initiate counter-measures, reduce downtime, and help organizations  manage security response.

Our MXDR solution works for you so that you can focus on driving your business forward!

A Closer Look at BDO Digital MXDR

Our MXDR solution is a comprehensive security solution that leverages Microsoft security tools and BDO Digital’s managed security services.

  • Azure Sentinel’s AI-driven correlation engine and behavior-based analytics reduces the number of false positives by up to 79% so your team doesn’t waste time chasing the wrong things, and allows then to focus on what is most relevant for your business
  • Azure Sentinel’s cloud-delivered platform reduces management effort by 56%, saving $1.2 million on average for a middle to enterprise organization
  • Infrastructure and SIEM management teams perform less maintenance and spend more time adding value to the business through business enablement and stronger risk management

  • Our solution automatically blocks and stops malicious activities without having users and clients experience down time
  • Processes are standardized and BDO Digital is optimized to work with other applications and hardware the organization may adopt, to obtain better performance and reliability at every point of the technology ecosystem
  • Our automated level of defense selection is based on the degree and severity of the attack with behavioral intelligence, stopping attacks in real time, and reducing the adversary dwell time

  • Our team embraces technology, constantly researching new threats and vulnerabilities to new technology so we are able to better protect you
  • We practice defense in depth and offer a full suite of threat management solutions – MDR, Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), Infrastructure Management, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting), and we pull this all together to provide a holistic solution with strong integration points for faster time to resolution

  • Three-year 201% ROI - with a payback period of less than six months.
  • 48% reduction in costs compared to legacy SIEM solutions, saving on expenses like licensing, storage, and infrastructure costs
  • 79% reduction in false positives
  • 80% reduction in the amount of labor associated with investigation, leading to $2 million in efficiency gains.
  • A 67% decrease in time to deployment compared to legacy on-premises SIEMs
Managed Detection & ResponseEndpoint Protection & Response
(Bring Your Own EDR)
Endpoint Protection & Response
(Microsoft Defender for EDR)
Managed Detection & Response (MDR/XDR)
How Microsoft Sentinel can help M365 E5, A5, F5, and G5 customers
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Endpoints info Endpoints include any device that has EDR software installed on them. This can be Laptops, PC’s, Servers, and mobile devices.checkcheckcheck
Identity and Behavior info Identity and behavior includes cloud-based identity providers such as Azure Active Directory, on-premises identity logs from Active Directory, and user and entity behavior analytics provided by identity systems and BDO Digital MDR.checkcheckcheck
Firewalls info Log data from physical or virtual firewalls are ingested into BDO MDR and correlated against third party threat intelligence feeds and client log data to identify potential events of interest.  check
On Premises Infrastructure info On-premises infrastructure can include routers, switches, wireless controllers, network access controllers, hypervisors, load balancers, and other devices that support syslog.  check
IoT/OT info Security event logs from IoT/OT environments to detect and alert regarding malicious activity in critical infrastructure environments.  check
3rd party data sources (e.g., SAS, Cloud) info Third party services can include cloud providers such as AWS or GCP. It can also include SaaS applications or 3rd party security tools.  check
Managed SOC info Monitoring and investigation by experienced security analysts providing a detailed alert analysis and taking steps to contain intrusions to protect environments.checkcheckcheck
Dedicated Service Delivery Lead info Liaison and primary single point of contact (SPOC) for overall delivery of managed services.checkcheckcheck
Automated Threat Hunting info Utilizing Microsoft Sentinels advanced toolset defenders create queries to detect anomalous activity. BDO defenders review the results to find unseen threats.checkcheckcheck
Data Loss Prevention Monitoring info Ingestion of telemetry from data loss prevention systems to alert on potential sensitive data exfiltration.  check
Insider Risk info Ingestion of insider risk to detect and alert on behaviors such as confidentiality violations, IP theft, fraud, insider trading, and regulatory compliance violations.  check
Reporting Dashboard info Realtime ticketing dashboard with trending data for incident type, severity and status.checkcheckcheck
Reporting & Advisory info Dedicated security architect including monthly reports, recommendations, and cyber roadmap advisory.  check
Incident Management info BDO Digital uses widely practiced methods of reviewing alert data to determine the risk and likelihood of intrusion. BDO Digital is dedicated to altering, containing, and working with your organization to eradicate the threat within the environment.checkcheckcheck
Additional Standalone or Sentinel Integration Add-ons (contact for pricing)
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Vulnerability Management
Dedicated Security Architect
Advanced Threat Hunting
Alert Validation
Simulated Attacks

Beyond Traditional MDR

Traditional managed detection and response (MDR) combines technology and the expertise of experienced professionals to deliver a modern security solution. An MDR solution hunts for threats, provides monitoring, and responds to those threats to keep an organization safeguarded. A security operations center delivers these services remotely, helping companies to limit the impact of threats without having to hire more staff.

At BDO Digital, we took things even further beyond traditional MDR. By combining all the great benefits of MDR with Active Insights and Active Assure, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind security solution to organizations looking to strengthen their defense and cybersecurity program.

  • Reduce costs and reallocate resources by identifying under-used and over-allocated licenses.
  • Drive continuous cost optimization, using in-depth visibility to enhance governance, reduce tool sprawl, and redirect savings into value-add programs.
  • Maximize security coverage by identifying and managing risks through enhanced configurations.
  • Improve your overall Microsoft Secure Score using progress reporting and improved product licensing governance.

Learn more about Active Insights.

  • Provide ongoing validation and peace of mind in near real time confirming the security controls, and processes are functioning as expected as your IT landscape and threats change.
  • Enable continuous testing and counter-measure deployment (purple teaming) for continuous strengthening of the cyber program.
  • Continuously test your resilience against malware and ransomware.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness of MXDR solution and de-risk the business through continuous testing.

Learn more about Active Assure.

As your business grows and you begin using more third-party solutions, you inadvertently open more access points for threat actors. If you want to extend and mature your detection and response capabilities, BDO Digital MXDR is the solution for you.

MDR Client Success Stories

Manufacturing company improves their cybersecurity posture.

BDO Digital’s MDR solution helped this manufacturing company by saving them time and allowing them to monitor their environment 24x7x365. Our solution also provides the client with ongoing recommendations for continuous improvement of their security posture to support their business as it continues to evolve. 

Renewable energy company strengthens their security posture.

A renewable energy company needed help filling talent  gaps with their current IT team. BDO Digital implemented our MDR solution to help strengthen their security posture and free up much needed capacity for the client. Using a scalable, cloud-based SOC with human-augmented machine learning and a predictable pricing models resulted in a 15% reduction in spend on SIEM tools and increased efficiency on client staff. Their team can now focus on more higher value initiatives. 

Modernized a cyber program for a behavioral health organization.

A behavioral health organization was looking to improve their overall cyber posture and reduce the risk of incidents. BDO Digital’s MDR solution helped them do exactly that while also helping them consolidate partners, rationalize technology and reduce costs, and improve end-user satisfaction.