Without understanding the current position of your Microsoft investment, can you ever truly make strategic, data-informed improvements?  

BDO Digital Active Insights provides organizations like yours with the capability to thoroughly understand your licensing usage, identify areas for optimization, and surface impactful security insights.

With Active Insights’ business intelligence at your fingertips, your organization will be empowered to:

  • Reduce costs and reallocate resources by identifying under-used and over-allocated licenses
  • Drive continuous cost optimization, using in-depth visibility to enhance governance, reduce tool sprawl, and redirect savings into value-add programs
  • Maximize security coverage by identifying and managing risks through enhanced configurations
  • Improve your overall Microsoft Secure Score using progress reporting and improved product licensing governance
  • Consolidate third party and duplicated functionality to reduce costs and remove risk
  • Simplify and automate tooling administration to enable quicker time-to-value

Leverage Deep Security Analytics to Improve Your Microsoft Security Score

The Active Insights inspection, powered by BDO Digital’s deep analytics, is designed to support organizations on their journey to a bright, secure Microsoft future.  

Active Insights helps your business strengthen its security coverage to maximize the level of protection while offering the ability to rationalize tools, reduce operational costs, and enable automation for faster response and recovery.



Start Your Journey with a Microsoft Cloud Cost Control & Security Posture Health Check

In order to get started on the road to maximizing Microsoft licensing and security investment, we recommend our customers undertake an initial Health Check - during which immediate savings and risk reduction opportunities are discovered. The Health Check presents a solid case for optimization, with a typical customer able to uncover an average of 25%-45% in savings.


What to Expect from the Active Insights Health Check:

  • Savings and optimization opportunities identified in Microsoft 365 and Azure environments
  • Visibility into underutilized resources, user licenses and functionality 
  • Security at-a-glance, outlining areas of cybersecurity improvement not supplied natively by Microsoft
  • A fresh understanding into how governance and reporting can be refined and implemented across the organization

Get started on the road toward a bright, secure Microsoft future.

Active Insights


How Cloud & Cost Optimization Insight Have Helped BDO Digital’s Clients 

With Active Insights, we help our clients to better manage, monitor, and optimize their cloud cost structure. From here, they can build out a savings and risk program that evolves with their organizational goals, ensuring long-term peace of mind. 

  • BDO Digital’s AI-driven solution provides enhanced visibility into Microsoft licensing, security posture, and solution usage - identifying an immediate average saving of 20-35%
  • Build a business case for Secure Score improvements by reinvesting optimization savings into Microsoft security initiatives ​
  • BDO Digital is optimized to work with other applications and hardware in the organization, and uses standardized processes to obtain better performance and reliability at every level
  • We believe that combining our collective expertise allows us to be better equipped to deal with today’s security and usage challenges - which is why we strive to continuously discuss best practices and make sure to keep learning from one another
  • Ensure the most cost-efficient Azure workloads and M365 usage are utilized​
  • Ensure industry standard Azure setup and compliance-driven operating procedures are implemented.

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