Susie Cummings on Atlanta's Local Government Ransomware Attack

July 08, 2018

Earlier this year, Atlanta's local government's computer systems were hijacked and held for ransom, locking out users from various applications until payment was made to cyber criminals behind the ransomware attack. Decades of legal documents and police video evidence was lost.

Ransomware attacks are becoming an increasingly popular form of cyber attack, and this threat isn't going to go away anytime soon

-Susie Cummings, at Chicago-based managed services and infrastructure solutions firm BDO Digital, tells Channelnomics.

MSPs are in a unique position to set realistic expectations with both business and IT leaders. Their customers often don't understand how complex a recovery process can be, or even when to declare a disaster. Business leaders often think 'that will never happen to me' and often end up buying protection after they've been affected.

Too often we see businesses, especially in the midmarket, neglecting to prioritize an ongoing cyber security program because they don't believe their data will be targeted. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have caught on to these gaps and view them as low-hanging fruit to mount an attack

-Susie Cummings 

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