Microsoft features BDO Digital in Case Study on How BDO Digital Helped Coverdell Leverage Azure to Save Millions

June 25, 2018

Since 1964, Coverdell has administered cost-saving membership products supporting more than six million customers around the country, offering their customers five key services: direct-to-consumer, affinity marketing, wholesale, insurance programs, and administration. Before using Azure, Coverdell relied on colocation facilities for their block of websites, costing the company $6,000 per month in hosting fees. Vince L'Erario, VP of Information Technology, recognized that the business' original tools and systems would not be sufficient to manage their new strategy, and realized that a company-wide digital transformation would be the next step.

While we have a great team of highly competent developers and infrastructure people, nobody had significant experience in Azure. So BDO Digital really flattened that learning curve for us.

- Vince L'Erario - VP of Information Technology at Coverdell

In addition to supporting Coverdell’s team of developers and IT engineers, BDO Digital laid the groundwork for Coverdell to take the lead on the company’s transition, facilitating a successful migration process for these mission-critical assets. As Coverdell continued developing and strengthening their expanded business strategy, they realized they needed to find a digital solution to better support the needs of their broader audience and new offerings.

If we had a power outage or a brown-out in this building, we knew that our customer-facing website and other access points were still up because we had the reliability of Azure and that datacenter. And in the process, we were able to realize a huge cost-savings.

- Vince L'Erario - VP of Information Technology at Coverdell

With the deadline to renew their Salesforce subscription looming, and a successful Azure transformation project well underway, Coverdell decided to migrate their remaining co-located, Salesforce-administered websites and inherited infrastructure to the Microsoft cloud.

Having done countless Azure transformation projects, it was refreshing to partner with organizations like Coverdell who embrace partners as extensions of their team and have the technical prowess to execute against an aggressive roadmap.

- Ric Opal, BDO Digital

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