CRN Survey Ranks Microsoft and Red Hat Responses in Spectre, Meltdown Security Crisis

February 26, 2018

The Spectre, Meltdown crisis that called for a quick response from two leading operating systems - Red Hat and Microsoft.

In an online CRN survey, solution providers ranked the vendor responses to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability issue. According to partners, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ranked slightly higher than Microsoft when it came to providing a solution as companies worked to patch their customer's operating systems. Still, many experts that work with both technologies argue Microsoft's efforts were just as prompt and transparent.

Beacuse Microsoft and Red Hot both have so much experience releasing patches, their partners fared better than those of many vendors.

BDO Digital's Ric Opal confired that Microsoft contacted his company immediately with an email detailing timely access to information on how to close the Spectre vulnerability through Windows. He said:

Microsoft has been extremely quick to provide information and transparent in its efforts through the process. The open source ethos has largely permeated the software giant since CEO Satya Nadell tool over.

Ric also made sure to point out that the partner has to own some of the responsibility as well.

You have to be in tune as a partner for all the guidance and capabilities Microsoft is delivering you. There's an enormity of data. You as a partner have to recognize this is important. Where technology vendors can make an important contribution is having their partners and customers transform governance processes and procedures around patching. Microsoft has done that programmically through its One Commercial Partner structure.

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