BDO Digital Shares Its Views on Microsoft's Response to Spectre and Meltdown

February 16, 2018

In response to the recent Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, Microsoft is rolling out new security capabilities to protect Windows devices from processor exploits. The update will allow IT professionals to better assess the security of Windows devices by enabling reports on the status of firmware, operating system, and antivirus software. These reports will also show new details on which firmware version is installed on a device, and show whether the installed firmware version has the necessary security protections.

BDO Digital's Ric Opal, shares his reaction to the latest Microsoft security updates with CRN:

Microsoft's updates to Windows Analytics are putting a lot of visibility and power into the hands of customers to reduce their risk exposure. Anything that Microsoft can do to provide wide-scale visibility to information that is relevant, to protect customers, is important. And the more seamless thay can mate it, especially between different applications and solutions on their platform, the more value customers are going to receive.

Opal also shared his views on the impact these latest updates will have on the future plan of both partners and customers:

Partners should be able to build some very interesting and creative managed services around that capability. I applaud Microsoft for pushing the envelope here. It's good news for customers, it's good news for partners.

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