BDO Digital Responds to Microsoft Tapping LinkedIn's Kevin Scott as New CTO

January 26, 2017

Microsoft's recent decision to tap LinkedIn veteran, Kevin Scott, as the new chief technology officer represents the company's continued efforts to bring outside perspective into their high ranks. This decision comes after Microsoft's recent acquisition of LinkedIn -- a significant move that brings the professional cloud and the professional network together. According to Microsoft, Scott will drive "strategic, cross-company initiatives to maximize Microsoft's impact with members and customers," as he continues to play an active role in LinkedIn as Senior Vice President.

BDO Digital's Ric Opal weighs in on the decision and further emphasizes the changing culture within Microsoft.

The reality here is that [Scott] is coming from a different business model and has a different approach to the market. If you think about LinkedIn, it's a cloud-centric company where the customer experience is huge, and he's bringing a customer-centric view to products. So bringing him to the table marks an infusion of new culture and change in Microsoft.

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