BDO Digital Discusses Microsoft’s Restructuring with CRN

July 07, 2017

Microsoft’s recent restructuring announcement highlights the company’s continued attempt to provide new and in-demand technologies for their customers and partners. The restructuring is an effort to focus sales and marketing around specific industries and hot technologies. For companies partnering with Microsoft, this move will provide an easier way for partners to work with Microsoft. As for customers, Microsoft will be able to focus more on providing in-demand technologies, like the cloud service Azure and artificial intelligence capabilities.

BDO Digital’s Ric Opal shares his opinion on how this move will create “a much deeper and wider customer experience for Microsoft customers.”

I can focus on what I do and do well, and know where I need to focus. The lines are a lot clearer on who I might co-sell with from a Microsoft perspective, and how I might do that in a very efficient way. This alignment is going to afford me a tremendous opportunity on a go-forward basis.

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