BDO Digital Applauds Microsoft for Introducing Azure Sphere: A First-of-its-kind Big IoT Security Solution

April 19, 2018

As the number of devices grows exponentially, billions of devices will be interconnected in 2020, and approximately 15 billion of those are part of the small microprocessor class.  For Microsoft, this poses a potential series security risk that requires urgent attention. In response to this growing concern, Microsoft created Azure Sphere -- the first-of-its-kind Internet of Things (IoT) solution for securing microcontroller unit (MCU) devices.

This innovative new solution was unveiled at the RSA Conference 2018 this week. It uses IoT to tackle security in three primary ways:

  1. A new crossover class of MCU chips that are built in with Microsoft security technology and connectivity
  2. A Linux-based operating system that comes with secured application containers and a security monitor
  3. A cloud-based security service that provides certificate-based authentication and visibility into emerging threats.

BDO Digital's Ric Opal feels positive that securing connected smart devices is a wise next move for Microsoft, given that such devices will be "more pervasive" than PCs.

As great as Microsoft has done on the device identity side, now I think we have to applaud them for their focus on what I consider to be a much more extensive area that needs to be secure and needs to be compliant, because it's going to be pervasive.

- Ric Opal, BDO Digital

Ric goes on to share how this plays into organization's efforts for digital transformation by building "security and compliance services around IoT" with the help of solutions such as Azure Sphere.

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