BDO Modern MSSP & Microsoft Security

The office has been rapidly evolving to accommodate an increasing remote workforce and new technologies. This forces organizations to adapt to these changes, leaving gaps in their cybersecurity approach and invertedly inviting an increase in risk exposure and cyberattacks. However, businesses are quickly realizing no one solution corners the market in terms of eliminating all risk. Implementing a comprehensive security toolset (such as the Microsoft Security suite) can establish the core components, and by applying a risk-based analysis these tools can be fully leveraged to provide a strong foundation against threats and cyber incidents.

How BDO Digital Can Help

There are several funded Microsoft workshops delivered by BDO Digital that focus on endpoint protection, threat protection and prevention, and cloud security. These workshops are outlined in the guide linked above, and they help our customers enhance their cyber program and strategy.
Endpoint Protection, Threat Protection & Prevention, Cloud Security

Download our full report to dive deeper into Microsoft’s best practices and learn more about how BDO Digital is helping organizations prepare their security program to combat increasing cyber threats in the modern environment.