How Microsoft 365 Drives Cost Savings and Accelerates Digital Transformation

January 06, 2023

Digital transformation and modernization have been a top priority for businesses across the globe for the better part of the last two decades. Today, organizations can do more with less by using tools like Microsoft 365. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways Microsoft 365 drives cost savings. 

What Is Microsoft 365 and How Does it Help Organizations Build a Digital Workplace? 

Microsoft 365 is an integrated cloud platform that delivers a family of products including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. These powerful software tools along with intelligent cloud services help organizations to be more productive, collaborate seamlessly, and operate securely. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to move at an even quicker pace as they quickly pivoted to turn their workforce remote. This shifted workers’ mindsets completely, and companies are now having to make remote work an option just to retain employees and keep them satisfied. The world doesn’t look the way it once did. As a result, companies must find ways to meet ever-changing employee demands while driving efficiency and cutting costs.

3 Ways That Microsoft 365 Can Reduce Costs 

Implementing Microsoft 365 is a great way to digitally transform your business. But there are also numerous other benefits worth mentioning – reduced costs being one of the biggest. By utilizing Microsoft 365, your organization can realize critical cost savings across various categories. 

Here are three ways Microsoft 365 reduces IT costs and allows organizations to do more with less. 

1. Eliminates Redundancy and Cuts Licensing Costs 

In a study by Cornell University and Qatalog, 43 percent of people report spending too much time switching between different online tools. In a typical day, people spend 59 minutes looking for information trapped within tools and applications. And 7 in 10 people (69%) report that finding this information to do their job is time-consuming.  

Needless to say, having too many tools in your arsenal can lead to a multitude of issues within your business. Not only does it slow productivity, but you might be paying for tools that you don’t necessarily need. Why not consolidate with a cloud platform like Microsoft 365 and cut licensing costs by more than 60 percent per user? With Microsoft 365, you can consolidate an otherwise complex licensing structure, eliminate unnecessary redundant capabilities, and enjoy all the benefits of a unified solution.  


2. Reduces IT Management Costs by Simplifying Management 

With a complex IT environment comes complexity in managing that environment. You may have to employ several IT professionals just to ensure all systems run properly and are updated on schedule. With Microsoft 365, you can automate system updates and reduce IT management costs by up to 40 percent. Plus, reduce time spent on device management by up to 25 percent. 

By simplifying the management of your IT systems, you’ll also realize several other benefits. Cost savings improved It efficiencies, and optimized IT administration to name a few. Plus, a simpler infrastructure makes the onboarding process easier because you can automate provisioning. Securely speeding up the process of giving new users access to your network helps your business to scale with ease. 

3. Strengthens Cybersecurity Posture and Protects Workers 

Last but certainly not least, Microsoft 365 can strengthen your security posture. This drives cost savings because cyber breaches can cost companies millions of dollars. When you deploy Microsoft 365 in your organization, you’re enabling a Zero Trust security model that can reduce the risk of data breaches by as much as 50 percent. Furthermore, consolidating your security solutions will also help you cut costs. 

In addition to cutting costs, the added security that Microsoft 365 provides makes work-from-anywhere possible. Companies can be flexible and move at the pace of technology, meeting employees where they are and allowing them to securely work from anywhere. No matter where employees are working from, Microsoft 365 reduces data breaches by protecting the identities of individuals, devices, apps, and data. 

More with Less — Microsoft 365 Is Cost-Effective and Helps You Consolidate for Increased Productivity and Security 

Organizations today must modernize to stay competitive and find ways to do more with less. With so many digital workplace solutions available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right tools for your organization. Microsoft 365 helps you do more with less, consolidating your toolset into one integrated cloud platform. This cuts IT costs, improves productivity, increases employee satisfaction, and enhances security. With apps that help teams collaborate, create, and communicate, it’s easy to make Microsoft 365 work for the unique needs of your organization. 

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