Three Ways CSP Can Simplify Business in the Cloud

Three Ways CSP Can Simplify Business in the Cloud

According to Forbes, 74% of Technology CFOs say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017. This kind of digital disruption poses a huge opportunity for businesses to accelerate innovation and growth, while also threatening to cripple those who are too slow to adopt. Think Netflix and Blockbuster, Ubers and taxi cabs.

Small enterprises and mid-market companies are not exempt from these effects. The cloud offers new imaginative ways to reduce risks, optimize costs, and increase revenue; it simply needs to be prioritized and acted upon.

Organizations understand the disruption of cloud computing and the inherent innovation it offers; however, cloud services also introduce new considerations and challenges. The myriad of options coupled with complex planning make it challenging to adopt, implement, and support the optimal cloud solution. To address these concerns, Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) with BDO Digital is one of the approaches many mid-market organizations leverage for cloud adoption.


1 - Streamline Vendor Management

CSP solves the challenges of having to deal with multiple vendors by offering a “one stop shop.” This allows organizations to partner with a single provider for all their cloud strategy; licensing, road-mapping, implementation, user productivity and enablement needs, security, and on-going managed services.

2 - Save Time and Money

With hundreds of cloud deployments in our knowledge base, BDO Digital provides organizations with real-world cloud expertise; budgeting, architecting, and a mature road-mapping model giving our customers significant time and cost savings.

Moreover, dealing with a single partner allows you to leverage consolidated expertise in one single billing transaction, saving businesses the time and money of managing multiple vendors and projects. Companies who choose to transact in traditional ways will be left with the complexity and coordination of multi-vendor management and unknowns that cost more time and money than BDO Digital's CSP program.

3 - Focus on What You Do Best

Cloud adoption requires the utmost care in planning and deployment, and is certain to provide long-term advantages for your business. BDO Digital's CSP offering helps mid-market organizations through the process of planning and deployment using a dynamic set of practices in a controlled approach towards measurable business value. Partner with BDO Digital today to accelerate the benefits of cloud services.

For more information on how your organization can explore the CSP program or assess your existing cloud environment, contact us.

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