6 Must-Read Stats on Technology's Impact on Business [Infographic]

By BDO Digital| October 12, 2018

Year-after-year, we see IT budgets increase as companies of all sizes try to capitalize on new opportunities while avoiding the risk of falling behind. New technology emerges, the workforce expectations evolve, and businesses and IT leaders are left to wonder how to transform for success in the future while running the business today.

While the report dives deep into each of our key findings, we wanted to highlight the top takeaways that really stuck out. That said, check out these revealing statistics that emerged from the research.

6 Must-Read Stats from the 2018 Tech Insights Report

  • Strategic IT: 81% of organizations agree that IT is a strategic enabler of the business – up from just 45% in 2016!
  • Productivity: Both business and IT respondents agree that “workforce productivity” is the top priority for the coming year.
  • Security: The majority of IT staff recognize that cybersecurity needs to be a top priority, but only 9% of business executives agree.
  • Cloud: 32% of midmarket businesses still haven’t defined their cloud-first transformation.
  • People: Only 12% of businesses have a clearly defined strategy for enabling their people amidst continuous change.
  • Data Analytics: The majority of organizations agree that strategic business decisions should be based on data, but only 19% claim to be actually planning their analytics/big data initiatives.

Tech Insights Report Infograph

The full Tech Insights Report contains even more fascinating insights about how today’s midsize companies are leveraging technology to achieve their goals. Download the full study to discover:

  • A benchmark on which to measure your progress
  • Top challenges and opportunities ahead
  • Recommendations on how to navigate your way through today’s complex and ever-changing business landscape
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