Building a Digital Transformation Strategy Part 4: Accelerating Adoption

December 06, 2019

Digital transformation can feel like a leap of faith—a bet against the odds that your company’s investment will pay off in full. And yet, the alternative is unpalatable: a slow, painful decline into irrelevance.

But digital transformation isn’t a game of chance; the difference between those who succeed and those who fail comes down to preparation and execution. A more apt comparison is to a team sport, where winning is a function not only of athletic talent and smart strategy, but also of good coaching and team cohesion. The people, not the equipment, make the game.

For digital transformation to deliver, you need to build your own dream team—and you need to build it well before the starting buzzer. Like any good coach, you need to inspire your team, motivate them to improve and fill the holes in your roster. It’s hard work, sometimes painful, but always necessary to reach your goals. You can’t luck into digital adoption, but with the right approach, you can accelerate it.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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