How a Sales Representative Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Manage Their Accounts

By BDO Digital| July 29, 2019

The sales activity dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a sales representative with the most useful tools to help automate day-to-day operations. In our last blog, we talked about how a Sales Representative can use Leads by Rating to help convert leas into potential opportunities. Dynamics 365 is also very useful when managing accounts, especially if you are working with many other departments and have several other employees that mange the account. It provides you with a comprehensive view into each customer and account, providing you with the right tools to connect and build relationships.

Account Information

To review account information from your sales activity dashboard, you will want to click on My Open Opportunities.

Account Information Microsoft Dynamics 365

This provides you with a quick overview of the account, the topic, and the expected close rate. To obtain more detail about the account information click on the desired account.

Account Information Microsoft Dynamics 365

This will then take you to the account screen where you can review the account information, populate additional fields, and see the activities or actions that have happened on the account. You can also see contacts that are associated with the account as well.

Account Information Microsoft Dynamics 365

To obtain more information about each of the contacts on the account, simply click on the contact name and this will take you to a separate screen with all the contact’s information.

Contacts Microsoft Dynamics 365

The activities tab is helpful in keeping records, setting reminders, and scheduling appointments. This screen also tracks phone calls and tasks that are associated with the contact or the opportunity.

Activities Microsoft Dynamics 365

Setting Up Activities

Say, for example, that you want to set-up a reminder to follow-up with the contact and to close the opportunity. Click on Add Task and then add the subject of your reminder, write a description, set the reminder date and time, and lastly the priority level. Be sure to select the correct owner for the account so that the right person receives the alert. Once you click on OK, the task will be created and added to the system where it will show-up both on the contact page and other relevant pages as well.

Dashboard Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 also allows you to review all your activities in one place. This is helpful when you want to view all of the activities that you set-up in all of your contact or account pages in one place. To do this, click on Sales at the top of the screen. Then, navigate to the activities page under My Work. In the activities screen you will now be able to review all your tasks, phone calls, and reminders. In this screen, you can click on an activity and follow-up or add to the activity. You can also sort the activities by priority, due date, and start date.

It is important to find the right CRM solution since Sales is a critical function in almost every company! Microsoft Dynamics 365 is committed to innovating and expanding to provide an exceptional user experience and to supply your team.

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