Leveraging Power BI Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365

By BDO Digital| July 22, 2019

Power BI is a robust, modeling and real-time analytics tool that is already powerful on its own, but when combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the two provide a powerful self-service analytics solution with helpful insights.

The Sales Analytics Dashboard in Dynamics 365 allows you to easily visualize and analyze your sales and marketing data. It provides you with a Power BI Report with several detailed tabs that show different charts and graphs, including sales performance, sales leader-board, win/loss analysis, sales pipeline, lead analysis, and account analysis. Using each of these tabs allows you to dive deeper into your data and gain a different perspective on the sales process.

Power BI Sales Report in CRM - Get to Know Each Tab

Sales Performance

Power BI Sales Performance

Contains a number of summaries and KPIs that give a general overview of how things are progressing.

Sales Leaderboard

Power BI Sales Leaderboard

Focuses on individual sales representatives and their accomplishments in a certain period.

Win/loss Analysis

Power BI Win/loss Analysis

Shows win/loss revenue trends, win rate trends, top won and lost individual opportunities, and allows for the ability to filter based on different criteria.

Sales Pipeline/ Sales Pipeline Leader Board

Power BI Sales

Power BI Sales

Provides a visual of the set of stages as prospects move through the sales process. This includes a Sales Pipeline by Month, Open Revenue by Owner, Open Revenue by Rating, Open Revenue by Industry, and Open Revenue by Region.

The leaderboard provides information about the Top Open Opportunities and the Sales leaders within your company. It always shows a visual for Top Accounts by revenue and Sales Leaders by revenue.

Sales Activity

Power BI Sales Activity

Shows phone calls, tasks, appointments, and other actions and activities that members of the sales teams are tracking. It also breaks down each activity by activity count, activity trends, and offers you the ability to filter by owner and priority.

Open Activities

Power BI Open Activities

Provides more details about activities types, activities by priority, and activities by owners. It also gives a view of all open activities.

Lead Analysis

Power BI Lead Analysis

Shows the sales leads by rating, source, industry, trends, and region. A helpful feature in this tab is an interactive map that shows a view of warm, cold, and hot regional information.

Account Analysis

Power BI Account Analysis

Provides a view of the top accounts and how the accounts split out by industry, new or existing territory, or geography. Similar to Lead Analysis, there is also a visual map that allows you to view each account by region or country.

Dynamics 365 and Power BI

Power BI has the ability to analyze and report on data from a multitude of sources, including Dynamics 365. By connecting Power Bi and Dynamics, your users can start building reports and have access to quickly analyze sales, marketing, and service data. It is important that your workforce obtains a full overview to make analysis and decision-making more efficient and effective.

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