Microsoft Cloud Adoption Azure Framework in Action

October 29, 2021
According to BDO Digital’s 2021 Digital Transformation Survey, cloud use continues to be on the rise for the middle market where organizations are achieving great success with cloud solutions. Businesses are being redefined by the scalability and security of the Microsoft Azure Framework that allows organizations to build rapidly and implement complex systems.
The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is designed to help organizations create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary to succeed in the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals and business decision makers need to successfully achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

By using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure best practices, organizations can better align their business and technical strategies to ensure success. See how we’ve helped clients take advantage of the Microsoft Azure Framework.

National Association of Realtors

A national association focused on supporting realtors around the U.S. was struggling with an internal mandate to consider cloud services for any new or existing business needs or new environments. BDO Digital was brought in and performed a full Cloud Economic Assessment and identified and started migrating workloads from one of their offices to the cloud.
As an initial step, the organization is migrating approximately 20% of their operations to the cloud and, moving forward, they will continue to consider a cloud-first strategy for other workloads. With BDO Digital’s help, the association was able to use cloud-native technologies to supplement and reduce licensing costs for networking services in Azure.

Key benefits:

  • Increased cost management by categorizing resources to manage billing and have accountability for efficient spending
  • Creating a security baseline by preventing forms of intrusion that could compromise the network or other company assets in Azure
  • Identifying a baseline by conducting regular review of access rights and recertify configuration of all administrators


A fast-growing company that specializes in radiology analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) was looking to build a new version of their platform in the cloud to scale their operations and meet their business needs. BDO Digital helped the organization design and implement an Azure based solution to migrate their images and AI training models into the cloud. The full design, implementation, and migration to Azure will increase the company’s speed to market, internal collaboration, and expand their reach to other medical specialists across the globe. 

Key benefits:

  • Working faster so the firm can develop, iterate, and design their AI training models
  • No upfront expenses necessary for hardware, data center or other costs typically associated with on-premises solutions
  • Improvements in existing systems by using Azure-native services that are better performing, scalable and easily managed

Harris Associates

An investment management company asked BDO Digital to help them understand how they could take advantage of Azure cloud for their existing management products. BDO Digital started with a Cloud Strategy and Economic Assessment to provide the firm with a detailed analysis and recommendations for how they should take advantage of cloud for their unique technical requirements and business needs.
Due to the company’s stringent requirements on data privacy and access, they needed a system that was easily accessible anywhere around the world. The company also required a cloud solution to be extremely robust and durable. BDO Digital developed a strategy for how the organization will migrate workloads, the complexity involved in doing so, and costs associated throughout the entire multi-year process. After the successful delivery of the strategy, BDO Digital is now driving the implementation plan to move the firm into Azure.

Key benefits:

  • A complete end-to-end multi-year cost estimate to show cost savings by eliminating datacenter costs, leveraging native Azure services, and migrating workloads with the best positive impact based on the analysis of the report.
  • A rapid deployment plan to take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s scalability, security, and innovation to drive business results.
BDO Digital is a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) and can help you assess your cloud and management strategy to make sure it’s right for your company. Fill out the below Cloud Acceleration Assessment to speak to a BDO Digital consultant.