What Business Processes Would You Automate if You Could?

By BDO Digital| April 13, 2020
Automation is no longer just for data sciences, it’s for every industry. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, such as Microsoft Power Automate, Incorporating automation into your standard workday is accessible to everyone.

Microsoft Power Automate offers a user friendly, no/low-code system to reduce your repetitive tasks to maximize your workday. So, what do you spend time doing that could be automated? Click on each industry below to see how implementing automation can benefit your organization.
  • Operations - Utilize Power Automate by streamlining project communication and tools, such as in the Human Resources Department when onboarding or offboarding employees.
  • Marketing - Create an automated flow that notifies you by email when someone mentions a keyword that you specify or save time when creating campaigns by designing a campaign template.
  • Finance - Utilize Power Automate and AI services to create a workflow to update inventory whenever an invoice is added to your accounts payable folder.
  • Workforce - Use automation to create a flow that whenever your source (i.e. SharePoint list) changes, it either inserts a new item or updates an existing item in your selected destination (I.e. Azure SQL Database).
  • Sales - Use automation and AI to provide answers to the most common questions regarding the performance of sales teams, or by offering a detailed analysis of the sales pipeline.
  • Customer Support - Automate the delivery of requests via mobile app, push, text or voice message, or file bug reports and notify team via Microsoft Teams Chat.

Ready to Get Started with Microsoft Power Automate?

The ability to automate workflows that run across numerous platforms to remove manual, repetitive task is valuable in every industry. Need more inspiration? Check out Microsoft Power Automate templates to see what other way you could automate your workday.