Powering Predictive Staffing in Healthcare with AI

Powering Predictive Staffing in Healthcare with AI

Predictive staffing helps ensure the right people are available at the right time to provide the right care.

The healthcare labor shortage is still affecting staffing levels for provider organizations — and creating financial strain. Predictive staffing optimizes staffing levels and may help organizations better provide timely and safe care while saving money.

This methodology uses historical data, such as specific dates, the season or time of year, weather, and other factors to help determine the number and types of clinicians and other workers a healthcare organization needs to staff on certain shifts.

Nursing, medical technologist, and medical assistant roles tend to be the most conducive to predictive staffing, but it can also be used with some physician roles. While predictive staffing itself is not a new concept, artificial intelligence (AI) presents opportunities for healthcare providers to use the methodology more efficiently — and to begin exploring other ways to implement AI technology throughout their organizations.

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