Work in the pharmaceutical industry is changing rapidly in today's digital era. Advances in technology make tracking and organizing data more critical than ever. Pharmaceutical companies must also manage information well to comply with regulatory requirements. 

Technology solutions can create systems capable of handling financial, supply chain, manufacturing and commercial requirements that pharmaceutical companies face. With digital innovation for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, BDO Digital can help your company embrace a changing future. 

ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help businesses use their data to benefit their operations. A pharmaceutical ERP system must comply with your current and future information strategies to work most effectively. 

ERP consultants at BDO Digital can help your business through every step of ERP software implementation and management. We assist with everything from early selection decisions to ongoing maintenance procedures. Our solutions can empower your business to handle unique supply chain and financial data needs, like innovating processes and improving efficiency.

Reaching out to BDO Digital can help your business prepare for a changing future. Our ERP solutions provide many advantages for pharmaceutical companies.


Your accounting team can benefit from an ERP system that scales with your business. BDO Digital strives to maintain Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance in your ERP system, even as growth brings changes.

SOX Controls

SOX controls can prevent and detect errors in your financial reporting process, encouraging greater market trust in your business. 


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Contract Management

Say goodbye to manual accruals! Automate your contracts and accruals with BDO Digital's contract management solutions.

Global Financials

Outsourced contracts increase throughout clinical trials because the number of clinical patients grows. The right ERP software can automate accruals and purchasing processes and track spending for cost capture.
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Meeting FDA Requirements

Rules from the Food and Drug Administration require that pharmaceutical companies have secure, comprehensive and accessible supply chain data. By managing data storage with an ERP system, you benefit from insightful data that is easy to find.

Outsourced manufacturing

Outsourcing production can make your supply chain more complex. An ERP solution will track orders, inventory and costs associated with manufacturing. 

GMP Compliance

The right ERP software can help you implement good manufacturing practices (GMP) to make high-quality, safe products.
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