BDO Digital Helps Tandem HR Communicate and Collaborate with Skype for Business

July 27, 2017

Managing a Remote Workforce with Microsoft Lync

Tandem HR, a human resource outsourcing company, turned to BDO Digital when they needed a telephony solution that would help make their employees more productive on the road and in the office. BDO Digital deployed Microsoft Lync.

Tandem HR is a professional employment organization and an outsourced solution for clients in the areas of benefits, payroll, human resources, risk, employee assistance programs and more. The internal IT team at Tandem HR is responsible for making sure employees have seamless communications and seamless network functionality so their resources are always available whether they are at the office or working remote.

The company's aging technology was making it difficult for employees to communicate and collaborate. One of the biggest hurdles was the ability to access voicemail, which required being in the office or dialing into a desk phone. The IT team wanted to make sure employees had the capabilities they needed to effectively do their jobs, so they engaged with BDO Digital to deploy Microsoft Lync across the organization.

Implamenting Transformative Collaboration Platform without the Disruption

In order to not disrupt business, BDO Digital worked over the weekend to install Microsoft Lync over the weekend. When employees walked into the office on Monday morning, everything was working perfectly. The solution now serves as a telephony platform and voice alternative for the organization. Since Tandem HR already uses the Microsoft stack, little training was needed for employees on how to use Lync, as the product fully integrates into solutions like Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange and is very intuitive.

After the transition to Microsoft Lync, the organization feels like they have been significantly more productive with this product installed in their system. Now, all of their voicemails are delivered directly to their email inbox and are easily accessed with the click of a button. Tandem HR also likes the additional tools and capabilities they receive with Microsoft Lync for presentations, white boarding, instant messaging and polling. They use all of it. Tandem HR can now go live instantly using Microsoft Lync’s audio and video conferencing functionality.

Always Connected with Managed Unified Communications

After deploying Microsoft Lync, Tandem HR also engaged BDO Digital for Managed Services, which assumes the responsibility of proactively monitoring, managing and supporting the Microsoft Lync environment on a 24×7 basis. BDO Digital also updates and manage their systems to ensure the stability, security and the functionality their environment.

The partnership BDO Digital built with Tandem HR led to a number of other Managed Services offerings. Through Managed IT Services, BDO Digital complements Tandem HR’s internal IT team, enabling them to become more productive and efficient. The internal IT team is able to focus on value-added initiatives knowing BDO Digital has everything else covered with 24/7 monitoring, tracking, and repairing of any IT challenge. Whenever the IT team runs into a problem, there is a BDO Digital resource available to resolve it right away.
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