Sports & Entertainment Company Strengthens Cybersecurity with Intelligent Tools and 24/7/365 Coverage

September 08, 2020
A sports and entertainment company that is the corporate entity behind an NBA team was struggling to protect their organization from cyberattacks.
Security Graphic

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

In today’s digital economy, where the number of attacks is increasing with each passing minute, the company knew they had to take a proactive approach to cyber defense in order to preserve the reputation of their organization, the team and world-famous players they represent. However, like many businesses, their internal IT team didn’t have the bandwidth to provide constant 24/7 coverage to protect against every emerging threat. With a workforce that was often touring, it became increasingly difficult to manage alerts from suspicious logins due to unlikely sign-in locations.

BDO Digital Solution

Understanding the need to stay ahead of attacks, the company reached out to BDO Digital to explore a security service called Managed Defense. In partnership with Microsoft, BDO Digital deployed Managed Defense using the intelligent tools found in Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender ATP to reinforce the organization’s environment against common attacks, such as phishing, ransomware and credential theft.

Using the powerful capabilities built into the platform, the BDO Digital team looked at the organization’s unique workflows and risk factors to customize the solution to meet the needs of their mobile workforce. In doing so, they were able to configure the alerts based on the team’s touring schedule, thus reducing the number of false positive alerts.

Layered on top of the intelligent tools, BDO Digital’s team began monitoring the company’s environment, focusing on “front line” systems like Azure cloud, Office 365 and mobile endpoints.


Results and Future Plans

Since deploying Managed Defense, the company has seen a reduction in risk of potential data leaks due to user error, found valuable insight to various types of potential threats, and gained confidence that the organization is properly protected. With better reporting and alerts, they’re able to clearly identify gaps and educate the entire organization on their role in preventing these risks in the future.
Looking ahead, the company is planning to continue to embrace digital transformation and evaluate new opportunities to help them stay focused on their business.