BDO Digital Partners with Nationwide Food Service Provider to Deliver Award-Winning Custom Website and Mobile Redesign

July 27, 2017

Food Service Provider Launches a Fresh Look

The food service provider is a nationwide company servicing schools from coast to coast across the U.S. providing healthy, nutritious and safe meals to districts both large and small.

One of the most recent projects the company engaged BDO Digital with was a revamp of the website. This project included changing the name of the company, rebranding the organization and building a website that was not only a “view only” website, but would also engaged the parents.

The company's new website provides a tool for parents, as they previously didn’t have a strong connection with the parents of students who were eating their meals. The organization now provides a place where parents can go to find all of the information they need about their child’s meals.

Parents can now search their state, district and school and are brought to a webpage that is customized with the school’s logo and has their child’s daily menu, weekly menu and monthly menu, as well as all of the nutritional information they need to make healthy decisions about their meals.

I really enjoyed working with BDO Digital on our website. Their experience, expertise and approach allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in what we were doing as a team. I love the site’s design and I am so happy with the copy, images… everything.

– The Company's Vice President of Marketing

Another important element of the website redesign BDO Digital had to take into account was user experience on any device. The website had to adjust and adapt the design from the website to a mobile device to be able to surface customers in both environments.

Best In Class Web Design

BDO Digital received a Best in Class Award from the Interactive Media Awards for the company's website redesign. The Interactive Media Awards honor organizations for their outstanding achievements in website design and development.

BDO Digital – the big word for me in the name of the company is partner. They’re talented people, they’re engaged and they’re passionate about what they do. It’s not a customer-supplier relationship. We’re in it together and we win together.

– The Company's Senior Vice President of Information Services