Manufacturing Company Seeks to Increase Productivity by Making Processes More Efficient Across Multi-State Locations

July 31, 2017

Compelling User Experience that Drives Collaboration

Plymouth Tube Company is a manufacturer of precision steel tubing. The company consists of ten family-owned manufacturing plants in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. A long-time customer of BDO Digital, it was an easy decision to engage BDO Digital to create a SharePoint site that would help drive more efficient processes among their decentralized locations.

BDO Digital created a compelling Microsoft SharePoint site through custom design and development to improve user experience and take the site to the next level. It is now a mechanism and place where employees want to collaborate on projects and initiatives together. Plymouth Tube’s SharePoint site has helped to create custom workflows for manufacturing processes across its decentralized locations resulting in increased productivity and greater efficiency across the board, improving metrics and the bottom line.

Plymouth Tube Co