Dewpoint Gains Visibility Across Disparate Global Systems

May 24, 2023

With Dewpoint experiencing rapid growth, they began looking for ways to improve processes and implement better controls. In the US, Dewpoint was using QuickBooks to keep up with its increasing volume of financial transactions. Additional complexity was due to having operations in Germany under a separate system, DATEV. Even with the help of a third-party accounting firm, consolidating their German and US subsidiaries and closing their books in a timely fashion proved to be a challenge. 


The Solution

Dewpoint selected BDO Digital as their NetSuite Solution Provider and implementation partner based on our experience with foreign subsidiaries, multi-currency, and multientity reporting. Dean had previously worked with a generic NetSuite Partner, when asked about his experience he stated, “There was a lack of a plan and specificity... We were just implemented and left hanging, there was no plan to develop the application.”  

Mula was impressed by BDO Digital’s understanding of early-stage pharmaceutical companies. The ability to adapt NetSuite to that business model and having the lifecycle plan with future modules and a support team to help Dewpoint were major factors in selecting BDO Digital.