BDO Digital Develops Site for Consulting Firm to Improve Client Collaboration

July 20, 2017

Connect with Customers

This company is a firm of management psychologists and consultants who help clients drive success by accelerating individual, team and business performance for more than 65 years. The company contacted BDO Digital to create a custom SharePoint site that would be easily accessible and well received by their clients.

  • SharePoint
  • Custom Development
  • Design

Client Connection

BDO Digital created a custom SharePoint extranet client portal for the company that maintained their brand’s look and feel, but catered to their customer’s needs. The company’s site serves as a place where clients can now find information in an easily accessible centralized location and use that information to socialize, share, collaborate and work together. Custom SharePoint design has improved the user experience through left shifting emails and more time on projects, giving clients a quick and easy way to view their work.

SharePoint features:

  • Document Management
  • Open Tasks
  • News
  • Clients
  • Metrics